US Oncology Expands Its Education and Resources for Cancer Patients and Referring Physicians Through New, Redesigned Website

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, May 10 /PRNewswire/ -- US Oncology, Inc., the nation's leading integrated oncology company, announced today that it has expanded its online resources to empower cancer patients and referring physicians in their fight against cancer.  The redesigned supports the company's national brand campaign, UNITED, which launched last week to tell cancer patients and referring physicians about the advantages of receiving cancer care through a practice affiliated with the United Network of US Oncology. These advantages can include treatment through refined evidence-based medicine guidelines, access to new therapies through innovative clinical trials, and multi-disciplined integrated cancer care that combines radiation and chemotherapy, often under one roof, in local communities where patients live and work.

"Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be frightening," says Bruce Broussard, Chairman and CEO of US Oncology. "At US Oncology, we believe a knowledgeable patient is an empowered patient. Empowered patients feel more in control of their lives, more in control during their treatment, and report having a better experience overall during their battle with cancer."

At the redesigned, cancer patients have access to a range of resources, including:

  • Intricate details on specific tumor types and diseases
  • Information on available clinical trials through US Oncology Research
  • In-depth descriptions of treatment options
  • Tools to manage treatment side effects
  • Information on how to manage diet and exercise during treatment
  • Tools to manage their medical records
  • Educational materials on how to talk to family and friends about their cancer diagnosis
  • Links to rich, patient-focused content online through
  • Free subscriptions to CURE magazine
  • Access to patient-friendly evidence-based treatment options through US Oncology's Cancer Profiler online treatment education and resource tool that synthesizes available medical evidence for a patient's specific diagnosis
  • Considerations for choosing an oncologist
  • Questions to ask their oncologist during their first appointment, and
  • Identification of and contact information for physicians and local oncology practices affiliated with the United Network of US Oncology

The redesigned website also offers new valuable information and tools for referring physicians highlighting the patient care benefits of referring a patient to a physician affiliated with the United Network of US Oncology and allowing referring physicians to identify and contact affiliated practices.  Referring physicians can also access patient-focused content to share with their patients at diagnosis and referral.

The site also includes a new blog section with discussions focused on:

US Oncology brings vital services and resources to cancer patients in their own communities by uniting the nation's largest network of community-based oncologists and cancer researchers. With more than 1,300 physicians affiliated with US Oncology in independently-owned community oncology practices, patients receive the benefit of a nationwide network of physicians who collaborate in real time on quality patient care, cancer research and best practices in their local communities.

Physicians affiliated with US Oncology treat more than 850,000 patients a year. To find a physician or oncology practice affiliated with US Oncology, or to access information and resources vital to people battling cancer, please visit

About US Oncology

US Oncology, Inc. is the nation's leading integrated oncology company. By uniting the largest community-based cancer treatment and research network in America, US Oncology expands patient access to high-quality care and advances the science of cancer care. Headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, US Oncology is affiliated with more than 1,300 community-based oncologists and works with patients, hospitals, payers, and the medical industry across all phases of the cancer research and delivery continuum. By promoting the use of innovative technology, clinical research, evidence-based medicine and shared best practices, US Oncology improves patient outcomes and offers a better patient experience.

US Oncology unites the nation's largest network of community-based oncology physicians through the United Network of US Oncology. These like-minded physicians are united around a common vision of expanding patient access to high-quality cancer care in communities throughout the nation. Leveraging healthcare information technology, shared best practices, refined evidence-based medicine guidelines, and quality measurements, physician members of the United Network of US Oncology are committed to advancing the quality, safety, and science of cancer care to improve patient outcomes. Members may tailor their business relationship from a suite of solutions ranging from customized targeted physician services to a long-term strategic alliance of comprehensive management solutions. For more information, visit

SOURCE US Oncology, Inc.