Urban hospitals at risk for credit downgrades; Healthcare lobbying intensifies in final reform stretch;

> Analysts at Moody's Investors Service are warning that high-overhead urban hospitals could face credit downgrades if health reformers make big Medicare cuts. FierceHealthFinance

> As the healthcare reform battles go into their final stretch, even the Gun Owners of America have taken a position. Article

> Comparative effectiveness research has been a controversial part of the stimulus plan, but that hasn't prevented the $1.1 billion program from moving ahead. Now, the program's moving ahead, and it could make a big impact, observers say. FierceHealthIT

> Worried about hackers reaching into your electronic medical records database? It might be smarter to brace yourself for attacks by terrorists or foreign powers waging "cyberwar," experts say. FierceHealthIT

And Finally... Hey, all I ever find on my bookshelves are old cookbooks and retail catalogs. Article