Updated Black Box Warnings in Lexi-Data Help Minimize Alert Fatigue

Updated Black Box Warnings in Lexi-Data Help Minimize Alert Fatigue

Wolters Kluwer Health|Clinical SolutionsMeagan McCord, Marketing Communications Specialist, 330-650-6506

It is crucial that EMR, CPOE, and other healthcare IT products are able to alert clinicians of Black Box Warnings when they apply to drugs being prescribed, dispensed, and administered. However, many Black Box Warnings only apply to certain users, yet all clinicians are forced to view them. When systems display all warnings to all users, “alert fatigue” can result - a common problem in healthcare systems that leads to frustration and overlooked information. In Lexi-Data, Lexicomp has categorized the Black Box Warnings and provided supporting information, making the presented warning information actionable and targeted to the specific end user. For example, pharmacists see warnings/actions appropriate for pharmacists, while nurses can see warnings/actions appropriate for nurses.

“Providing this feature in Lexi-Data, with specific targeted action for clinicians at all levels, will not only help reduce alert fatigue, but also help improve patient medication safety,” commented David Del Toro, Vice President & General Manager, Clinical Drug Information at Wolters Kluwer Health. “More importantly, this feature is geared to positively impact treatment outcomes and help avoid potential medication errors.”

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