Unpleasant people face a greater risk of stroke; Cancer is the world's top killer in terms of lost productivity, life;

> Unpleasant people face a greater risk of stroke compared to less combative, more affable types, according to a study conducted by the National Institute on Aging. Researchers found that those who are quick to express anger tend to have thicker arterial walls, according to AFP. Article

> Cancer cost $895 billion in 2008 in terms of disability and years of life lost, the Associated Press reports. As the world's top economic killer, it costs more in lost productivity and life than AIDS, malaria, the flu and diseases that spread from person-to-person. Article

> Experts say many vendors would like doctors to believe an EMR would be a great selling point for potential buyers of a practice. In some cases, that's true; in others, it could become a major expense with no return, American Medical News reports. Article

> Six months after bariatric surgery to lose weight, 75 percent of people with diabetes were able to go off their diabetes meds, according to a study published in the Archives of Surgery. Study

> At a Portland, Ore., practice, doctors provide more care via the phone or email than face-to-face, USA Today reports. It's just one of many innovative health programs designed to address the shortage of primary-care doctors. Article

Also noted... The chicken helped. Article