United Concordia Offers Online Jigsaw Puzzles

HARRISBURG, Pa., Aug. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- United Concordia, administrator of the TRICARE Dental Program, is now offering online dental-themed jigsaw puzzles. The games are designed as classic jigsaw puzzles and range in difficulty from easy to hard. A timer lets the user know how long it took to complete the puzzle and the results can be shared on Facebook through an in-game link.

The puzzles are designed with the user in mind. Pieces lock into place after being correctly fitted, an image of the completed puzzle is available for viewing, and the game can be paused when the player needs a break.

"With this new release, we wanted to create an entertaining puzzle game with great images, user-friendly controls and a variety of puzzles to solve," says Sharon Duke, director of Department of Defense Marketing and outreach at United Concordia. "We created this for our enrollees, but anyone with access to the Internet is invited to play our games. Children and adults alike can work on the puzzles in the comfort of their own home without the worry of puzzle pieces getting lost or ruined," said Duke.

The puzzles are available online at www.TRICAREdentalprogram.com.

About United Concordia

United Concordia has administered the Department of Defense's dental program since 1996. During this time, the company has become one of the nation's largest and most respected dental insurance companies, processing more than 13.9 million claims in 2010 and maintaining a network of more than 73,600 dentists who practice at more than 149,000 locations. The company serves more than 8 million members, including 2 million active duty family members and National Guard and Reserve members and their families across the United States and around the world.

Established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Highmark in 1992, United Concordia works to provide high-quality, cost-effective dental benefits to its members. Success in satisfying members and obtaining new contracts has made United Concordia the fifth largest dental insurance company in the country. For more information on the TDP, visit www.TRICAREdentalprogram.com. For more information on United Concordia, visit www.unitedconcordia.com.

SOURCE United Concordia