Union dispute blows up at NJ hospital

Bayonne Medical Center has locked out than 800 employees, despite the union's decision to change its plans from striking to a so-called "informational picket."

The workers, whose contract expired May 31, are represented by the Health Professional and Allied Employees Union. The hospital had told the union that if it withdrew its strike notice in writing by midnight on June 7th, it wouldn't bring in the temps, but the union didn't do so.

Bayonne Mayor Mark Smith begged officials not to lock out the 800-odd workers, calling the lock-out a "harsh, anti-labor tactic from days gone by." He also argued that the skill level of replacement workers was in question, while regular employees have already proved themselves. These arguments didn't sway hospital leaders.

Now, the hospital has told the union that employees will be out of work "indefinitely."

To learn more about the dispute:
- read this piece in The Jersey Journal

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