U.S. health system not set up well to deliver vaccines; Hospitals have new options to deliver bonds;

> The U.S. health system isn't set up well to deliver the vaccinations people need or as frequently as they need them. People don't even know they've missed out, according to new surveys. FierceVaccines

> Non-profit hospitals now have new bond options which should greatly increase their ability to borrow and boost their ability to make long-delayed capital investments. FierceHealthFinance

> Get ready for yet another acronym in healthcare: PPU, short for portable patient unit--a device that captures vital signs and other readings from sensors embedded into lightweight clothing. FierceMobileHealthcare

> If you're a physician in Los Angeles, hospitals will pay as much as $4,000 per day to get you on call. Sweet, eh? FierceHealthFinance

And Finally... There must be more convenient ways to steal money. Article