Two largest hospitals in Anchorage continue to struggle over limited ER beds

The two largest hospitals in Anchorage, Alaska are continuing their tug-of war over the number of emergency room beds that they can add during the next several years, according to the Alaska Dispatch News. Until the year 2022, no more than 13 beds can be added anywhere in Anchorage, according to the state Department of Health and Human Services. But Alaska Regional Hospital and Providence Alaska Medical Center have filed appeals over the state's decision. In July, Providence Alaska received permission from the department to add eight emergency treatment rooms--six fewer than it requested. Alaska Regional's proposal to add satellite medical facilities in Eagle River and South Anchorage was denied because the state ruled it would increase healthcare costs unnecessarily and provide inefficient care in high-trauma cases because the so-called "Free-Standing Emergency Departments" would not be able to fully treat acute illnesses or injuries. Article