Trucaris Announces Independent Health Care Network Debut October 1

Trucaris Announces Independent Health Care Network Debut October 1

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Trucaris, an independent Accountable Care Network designed and operated for the benefit of individual members and doctors, announces its scheduled debut on October 1. Since February, Trucaris has been enrolling individuals, physicians, and “healthy” partners to be part of this network developed to reduce administrative burdens and reimbursement complexities that are costing the American health system between 30 and 50 cents of every health care dollar.

Individuals can join what one member calls “the AAA of health” and have the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars in health care expenses. Members will have the flexibility to choose the right care for them and have access to good doctors.

Doctors who join will be able to regain the ability to practice medicine independently by minimizing third-party payer reimbursement requirements and bureaucracy. Trucaris has no network fee schedules and requires the majority of reimbursements to be on a monthly payment model for primary care, and bundled, case, or episodic payments for specialists and hospitals. Trucaris projects that, by limiting reimbursement methods, it can reduce the cost of the administration burden imposed on practitioners by third-party payers by 50%.

“We have totally redesigned the health network from the ground up to eliminate waste and make it function simply for people, patients, and doctors,” stated Dan Solberg, Board Chairman. “But it is not designed for bureaucrats or policy wonks.”

Health suppliers such as nutrition, wellness, and fitness companies, plus consumer and physician health technology companies, can participate in the network as partners or sponsors, supporting practitioners and helping members get and stay healthy.

Trucaris is the first health network individuals can join. Individual membership costs $20 per year, but a limited-service free trial subscription is available. Other networks charge individuals about $60 per year through the cost of the premiums. For health practitioners, the suggested annual fee to join is $100, with discounts available for groups of 10 or more. “Practitioners pay the cost of being in other networks through reduced fee schedules imposed by payers,” said Alejandra Monroy, Finance Director. “However, in the Trucaris network, third-party payers can only access the network if they have a network-approved health plan and pay an access fee.”