Trim back on hospital social media

Less can be more. That's the message Jenn Riggle had for hospital social media. Riggle, an associate vice president and social media leader of the Health Practice at CRT/tanaka, wrote in a Hospital Impact blog that consumer research shows social media is a saturated market. "There are only 24 hours in a day and people simply don't have any more time to devote to social media. In fact, people already spend more time using social media than going to church, talking on the phone, sending email or exercising," Riggle wrote. "That's why they're vowing to unplug during the holidays and making a social media naughty and nice list, determining what social media adds value and what doesn't. "

Hospitals might want to consider scaling back on posting updates and differentiating their message from others. As hospitals discover what the most effective social media marketing tools are (Hint: It's online video, they say), Riggle stressed that hospitals not be part of the noise. --Read more of the Hospital Impact blog post