Traveler-ER, Inc. Introduces the Traveler-ER USB Drive

WESTFIELD, Mass., April 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Traveler-ER, Inc. ( ) today introduced an easy-to-use, progressive solution for traveling with your personal, medical and emergency contact information, the Traveler-ER(TM) USB drive.

Designed with input from emergency medical and travel professionals, the Traveler-ER USB drive gives you a convenient way to store and carry the vital records these experts advise you to have in your possession. The personal information is stored only on the password protected USB drive -- not on any central database.

The Traveler-ER device helps answer one of the "What ifs" that affect your peace of mind while traveling: What if I have a medical emergency away from home? What if my travel companion doesn't know anything about my medical history or can't remember specific information at a critical moment? What if I am traveling alone on a business trip and have a medical emergency? Traveler-ER gives travelers the peace of mind that their medical and emergency contact information is with them, wherever they are.

One of Traveler-ER's most unique features is the printable Emergency Records Report. Traveler-ER organizes your crucial emergency records into a printable format that can provide medical personnel with important information to assist with your medical care.

Traveler-ER can be purchased at for $29.95 plus shipping and handling (and tax, where applicable). For more information, please visit the Traveler-ER website - .

SOURCE Traveler-ER, Inc.

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