TransTech Medical Solutions Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Commitment to Quality, and US Based Transcriptionists Spurs Continued Growth

HOUSTON, April 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- TransTech Medical Solutions, a Houston, Texas based medical transcription and healthcare documentation solutions provider, is celebrating their tenth year in business in 2011.  During the past decade, the company has grown into one of the nation's premier medical transcription service organizations.  Much of the company's success can be attributed to their commitment to providing 100% of their services using transcriptionists based only in the United States.  The complete array of service offerings provided by TransTech can be found at

"When we launched TransTech a decade ago, we felt strongly that keeping and creating jobs in the United States was important.  From day one, we have been committed to a strategy of hiring only domestic transcriptionists," said Sidney "Trey" Weiss, Chief Executive Officer of TransTech.  "Many of our competitors have looked to reduce costs by outsourcing their transcription services overseas, but we have resisted this temptation and have kept these jobs in America.  We feel that our  transcriptionists provide much higher quality work and better service for our clients, and we take quality and client service very seriously."

By keeping transcriptionists in the US, TransTech's clients benefit from a clear understanding of the subtle differences in how people speak across the variety of regions in the US.  This helps to eliminate many of the mistakes that occur in transcribed documents, providing a higher quality product and faster turnaround times.

TransTech currently has hundreds of employees across the country, providing medical transcription services, EHR editing services and Medical IT consulting for some of the nation's largest and most prestigious hospitals, hospital systems and medical practices.  The company continues to grow in both revenue and reputation.  Recent KLAS ratings place the company among the top 3 providers of medical transcription services, with the top position in several key categories.

About TransTech Medical Solutions

TransTech Medical Solutions is an industry-leading provider of medical transcription and healthcare documentation services.  We provide our clients with innovative, advanced and customizable solutions. Our client base includes some of the nation's largest and most prestigious healthcare institutions. We offer quality, measurable turnaround times and verifiable pricing.  For more information visit

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