Top IT spending priorities for payers; Emergency responders want more spectrum for broadband use;

> What will payers spend their IT money on this year? Here's one top 10 list, courtesy of IDC's Health Industry Insights. FierceHealthFinance

> Trade groups representing public-safety organizations have come together to push Congress to open up more radio spectrum for emergency communications. The idea is to open up enough bandwidth to create a high-speed network for data, video and voice transmissions. FierceMobileHealthcare

> So, are Partners HealthCare prices part of the reason the state's health insurance premiums are shooting upward? Certainly not, said David McGuire, Partners VP for system contracting, who addressed a testy Massachusetts panel investigating the matter. FierceHealthFinance

> How does it feel to go from being a surgical resident at the top of your game to a patient with non-Hodgkin lymphoma? Hospital Impact's Dr. Kenneth Cohn shares his recollections, including some thoughts on how the experience helped him learn more about the "art" of patient care. Blog

And Finally... Stealing stuff isn't cool, but you've got to give these guys points for style. Article