Top hospitals share recipe for success

Top-performing hospitals shared key strategies to a successful organization, including accountability, physician engagement and team approaches, according to a new report released by Health Research & Educational Trust, American Hospital Association (AHA) and Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence.

AHA conducted site visits and interviewed leaders at NovantHealth in North Carolina, Piedmont Health in Georgia and Banner Health in Arizona.

The organizations identified similar cultural characteristics as the formula for success: precise execution, accountability in performance improvement, engaged physicians, focused action plans, consistent communication, team-oriented approaches, transparent data sharing, data dependent atmosphere and standardization in processes.

In addition, the hospitals emphasized using dashboards and scorecards at all levels, as well as tracking short- and long-term goals. As quality improvement and standardized practices continue to be tied to reimbursement, more organizations are looking to other top-performing organizations for their best practices.

To learn more:
- read the AHA report (.pdf)
- listen to the H&HN Daily audio interview