Texas kills rules that help patients avoid surprise hospital bills; Specialist care continues to rise;

> To overcome the difficulty of recruiting and retaining experienced nurses in a hospital setting, Sanford Health in Fargo, N.D, is offering sign-up bonuses of $15,000, according to Forum Communications. Article

> A new study found that two in five U.S. adults get general healthcare from specialist doctors, Reuters Health reported. The study notes that healthcare systems with primary care doctors as the first point of contact often see better patient outcomes. Article

> In a step back for healthcare price transparency, the Texas Insurance Commissioner has terminated rules that help patients avoid surprise hospital bills, reported The Dallas Morning News. Article

> To capitalize on the international respect for the British healthcare brand, U.K officials yesterday said they want the country's state-funded hospitals to establish for-profit branches overseas, the Associated Press reported. Article

And Finally… Who needs sunscreen? Article