Tenet holds its ground; CMS boosts rates for hospitals;

> Tenet Healthcare has announced that it lost $3 million for the third quarter, largely due to a $16 million loss from paying off debt early. On quarterly revenues of $2.262 billion, that's more or less a dead stall. Article

> CMS has announced that hospitals will get a 2.1 percent update in their payment rates for 2010 for patients seen in an outpatient department--if they reported quality data. Those that didn't do so successfully will only get a 0.1 percent inflation adjustment. Article

> 3M Corp. has invested about $6.5 million to buy a stake in a company developing 3G mobile broadband technology. The company, Artificial Life, counts among its offerings a smartphone app for mobile glucose monitoring. FierceMobileHealthcare

> A Texas test laboratory has announced that it will be the first entity to compete with the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology. The CCHIT certifies EMRs as complying with federal "meaningful use" standards. FierceHealthIT

And Finally... While she's not exactly a role model, the world would be safer if more problem drinkers followed in this woman's footsteps. Article