TeleHealth Services Announces Availability of New Line of Samsung LED High-Definition Hospital Televisions

New array of Samsung LED hospital televisions provide healthcare facilities with most energy efficient sets in the healthcare market; space savings, and multi-set management capabilities to enhance patient satisfaction and facility management.

RALEIGH, N.C., Oct. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- TeleHealth Services, the nation's leading provider of hospital televisions and interactive patient engagement solutions, today announced the launch of the new line of UL approved and ENERGY STAR® 5.3 certified Samsung LED healthcare televisions. The new hospital televisions provide a full-array LED backlight, a more compact cabinet, industry leading energy savings, and enhanced multi-set management capabilities. Available October 2012, the new healthcare LED televisions combine the traditional hospital-specific features with new enhancements that promote patient satisfaction, optimize operational efficiency, and improve sustainability.

The new Samsung hospital LED televisions bring the comforts of home to the hospital room, while offering advanced technology that supports facilities' communication and patient engagement initiatives. "The patient experience is a growing opportunity for hospitals and patients that are expecting more from healthcare facilities and increasingly want access to modern conveniences in the inpatient setting. We are excited to evolve our partnership with Samsung to deliver LED hospital televisions to enhance patient satisfaction efforts," said George Fleming, president and CEO of TeleHealth Services. "These new healthcare televisions demonstrate our continued commitment to bringing premium patient television solutions to hospitals across the country."

Superior Entertainment Experience
Samsung and TeleHealth Services have partnered to deliver an at-home entertainment experience to the hospital setting with these new 26, 32, and 40-inch healthcare LED televisions. Featuring a full-array LED backlight, the new models deliver superior picture quality through sharp, detailed images and smooth motion. The full-array configuration provides a brighter experience, better black levels, and picture uniformity versus edge-lit hospital LEDs.

Outstanding Operational Efficiency
The Samsung healthcare LED televisions offer a number of key features that improve operational efficiency. The new line of hospital televisions is UL Listed for hospital use and meets the more stringent requirements for use in hospital environments.  To assist in the ease of installation, the Samsung healthcare LED TVs also feature multiple cloning options and SIRCH®(Samsung Interactive Remote Control for Hospitality). SIRCH streamlines implementation of new technology and updates across all hospital televisions, including in room set-up, TV programming, and firmware update deployment. This allows for easier day-to-day changes to business operations, saving time and labor costs.

Another differentiating feature of the new Samsung hospital televisions is REACH® (Remote Enhanced Active Control for Hospitality). The REACH coaxial-based solution is designed to provide centralized TV controls, basic static content management capabilities, and Interactive Program Guide (IPG) for hospitals. Hospitals can now deliver pictures and content to patient rooms such as: emergency information, local information, and other helpful caregiver convenience options. Additionally, the new Samsung healthcare LED televisions offer a slimmer cabinet to minimize the television's footprint within the room while still providing the ultimate entertainment experience.

Samsung and TeleHealth Services have continued their commitment to delivering technologies and products that reduce environmental impact without sacrificing quality or efficiency. The new Samsung healthcare televisions are ENERGY STAR® 5.3 certified, and are the most energy efficient sets in the healthcare market. They also feature four energy saving modes that can reduce power consumption by up to 70 percent.

Other hospital-specific features of the Samsung healthcare televisions include:

  • Pro:Idiom decoding, allowing hospitals to provide patients with a wide variety of high-definition channels.
  • UL Listing to meet the more stringent requirements for the use in a hospital environment.
  • Universal pillow speaker interface for cross compatibility between multiple pillow speaker brands and pin sets.
  • Autosensing side inputs to allow patients access to external content sources.
  • Samsung's on-site warranty program.

"Television technology is evolving faster now than it ever has, likewise health reform is changing healthcare at a rapid pace. Considering the patient televisions' vast benefits around enhancing the patient experience, creating operational efficiencies, and aiding in the recovery process, the launch of these LED sets comes at a great time to help hospitals meet these initiatives," continued Fleming. "The new features blended with the reliability of Samsung and the range of sizes available, any facilities professional can play a pivotal role in making the inpatient experience more safe, comfortable, and informative."

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