Tainted water at NJ hospital; Ad budgets ranked for Big Pharma;

> A New Jersey hospital is reporting that two patients have died after contracting Legionnaires' disease from its water supply. Article

> Wondering which of the pharmas wants your business the most? Here, courtesy of sister publication FiercePharma, is a list of the thirteen Big Pharma companies ranked by their 2007 advertising budgets. FiercePharma

> A new study suggests that U.S. patients spend the most money for prescription drugs out of patients in any of the world's industrialized countries, hitting $792 per year in 2005 versus the $401 average elsewhere. FiercePharma

> It seems that researchers have made a breakthrough in the use of adult stem cells to treat ALS. Researchers improved survival by 28 days in rodents by injecting them with adult stem cells modified by a growth factor. FierceBioResearcher

And Finally... Well, grade school kids do call them "deadly." Does that make it assault with a deadly weapon? Article