Swine flu vaccine arrival slowed by budget concerns; San Francisco offers model for public option plan;

> Getting the swine flu vaccine may be critical to fighting the next outbreak, but it seems that doing so might take longer than people expect, with delivery slowed by state and local budget concerns. Article

> Want a taste of what a public option plan would look like in real life? Look no further than San Francisco, where they've had a public program in place for two years. Article

> The debate continues: Does more sleep for residents mean safer care for patients? Article

> Hospitals, are you wondering how to respond to complaints about your institution? Here's a primer on what to do about complaints, what not to do, and how to maintain your online reputation on an ongoing basis. Video

And Finally... Hey, folks, you wanted fried chicken that badly, couldn't you cook it yourself? (Maybe they're just not smart enough to turn on a stove.) Article