Swedish Medical cited for patient care, privacy issues

On the one hand, Swedish Medical Center has gotten some attention for smart marketing practices, including a new program under which it is reaching out to Asian hospitals (see next item, below) in an effort to generate international referrals. At home, however, it looks like it has some significant safety and privacy problems.

State health inspectors have cited the Seattle-based hospital for several deficiencies related to patient safety, as well as alleged violations of patient confidentiality rules. For example, during routine audits by state health inspectors, officials found a bag on the OR floor near an anesthesia machine, a situation that could have contaminated the room and led to infections.

The state also said that among other problems, patients' medical records and personal information were often visible to the public; that patients' need for medication wasn't documented; and that some patients in restraints weren't checked for multiple hours.

To learn more about these deficiencies:
- read this Seattle Post-Intelligencer piece

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