The Surgery Center Experience Launches Digital Portal to Educate Consumers on Outpatient Surgical Options

The Surgery Center Experience Launches Digital Portal to Educate Consumers on Outpatient Surgical Options

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The Surgery Center Experience (TSCE) announced today the launch of a new digital portal with an interactive component designed to educate consumers on the benefits of having surgery at an outpatient surgery center. With the advent of technological advances, most surgical procedures performed at an outpatient facility -- from joint replacements to spine injuries -- create a higher quality and lower cost surgical option with both shorter recovery times and reduced susceptibility to infection.

According to Tom Wilson, cofounder of TSCE, "Our surgery centers are encountering increased inquiries resulting from national media reports that outpatient surgical procedures are becoming a preferred surgical option to the traditional hospital environment.”

Commonly recognized statistics in the medical field including rising costs, high infection rates and extended recovery times due to surgical complications in hospitals are contributing to the growing interest in outpatient options. Patients who receive surgical procedures in an outpatient surgery center typically experience a quicker recovery and a reduced risk of surgical complications with significant savings.

“In response to consumer interest, we're launching a social media campaign to provide an efficient means of communicating with people to educate them that they have viable options,” said Wilson. “Our state-of-the-art digital portal explains a variety of procedures that can be performed in an outpatient surgical setting.”

The educational campaign features a sharable digital capsule that highlights a variety of surgical procedure topics including expert advice, patient testimonials, areas of specialty and a surgeon referral database. The educational resource explains the advantages of scheduling a surgical procedure at an outpatient facility. It also covers the ease of scheduling, reduced anesthesia doses required and the level of one-on-one care not commonly found in conventional hospital environments.

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