Study: Stroke treatment window may be broader than once thought

New findings from German researchers suggest that giving tPA treatment to patients within 4.5 hours of a stroke--rather than the approved treatment limit of three hours--may still benefit patients. While hospitals remain under the gun to treat as quickly as possible, this certainly is good news for patients who don't get to an emergency department as quickly as they should.

The researchers, whose work will apear in the December edition of The Lancet, looked at results for 418 patients who received alteplase anywhere from three hours to 4.5 hours after a stroke, and 403 who received only a placebo.

The study found clear benefits from treatment with alteplase in all types of patients, including both genders, those with or without diabetes, and previous stroke or high blood pressure victims. The same research concluded that alteplase was beneficial regardless of how bad the stroke was.

To get more information from the study:
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