Study:Mass. has top vaccination rates

In Massachusetts, it seems, providers are doing a great job of delivering vaccinations to children. According to new data from the CDC, Massachusetts had 83.6 percent coverage for six critical vaccines for children aged 19 to 35 months, which well exceeds the national average of 77 percent. For the state's capital city, Boston, the compliance rate for this age range was even higher (81.4 percent), standing well ahead of large cities like New York and Chicago.

State public health officials said the high immunization rates come from programs helping to ensure children get their shots, along with a strong primary care system and numerous community health centers offering pediatric services. This year, the state will spend about $49 million for vaccine coverage, up $12 million from last year. The extra money will largely go towards coverage of rotavirus and meningitis.

To learn more about the state's programs:
- read this article from The Boston Globe

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