Study: Healthcare managers set up to fail

Everyone knows that front-line healthcare managers have tough jobs. But according to a new report, it's worse than that: Many are actually set up to fail, no matter how well they perform.

The report, from healthcare consulting firm Healthcare Performance Solutions, says that about 12 percent of all front-line managers in healthcare are in over their head. Only 55 percent of such managers are the right person in the right job, the group estimates.

HPS has found that the most common reasons why such managers are put in a bad place include that they're appointed before they're experienced or mature enough; that they're appointed despite having failed to show that they have enough leadership talent for the job; that they're appointed out of necessity or for convenience; or that they're put in a department where the job is just too hard for them given their competence level.

On the flip side, if healthcare organizations get it right--and they can do so 85 percent of the time if they use a structured approach to hiring managers--operational performance can go up 75 percent over time.

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