Strategy shifts for medical malpractice reform

While medical liability limits are still a top priority for lobbyists with the AMA and other physician specialty groups, lobbyists are beginning to make peace with the idea that their approach will have to shift as Democrats take power in Congress (and potentially the White House). Historically, Democratic lawmakers haven't been terribly sympathetic when it comes to tort reform efforts, and nothing suggests that the upcoming session is going to be any different. While Republican-controlled Houses have repeatedly passed $250,000 caps on non-economic damages in medical liability cases, Democrats have continued to oppose such efforts. What seems more likely, political insiders say, is that the issue will diffuse out into the states, with varied solutions emerging at that level. Despite all of this, however, a small, bipartisan group of federal lawmakers apparently do plan to reintroduce a bill establishing special medical courts to address malpractice allegations.

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