Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) Fails to Distinguish “Rogue” from “Real” International Online Pharmacies

— RxRights calls on Congress to Maintain American Access to Safe, Affordable Medications —

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Lee Graczyk, lead organizer of RxRights, issued the following on behalf of U.S. seniors using drug importation to fight the high cost of pharmaceuticals:

“It is imperative that Congress recognize the difference between ‘rogue’ versus ‘real’ online pharmacies. Recently introduced legislation in the House of Representatives, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), includes a definition of ‘rogue’ that is even broader than in its Senate counterpart, the PROTECT IP Act.

As a result, SOPA inappropriately groups together real pharmacies — licensed, legitimate pharmacies that require a doctor’s prescription and sell brand-name medications — and the rogues, who sell everything from diluted or counterfeit medicine to narcotics without a prescription.

This oversight is extremely dangerous for American consumers who rely on legitimate Canadian and other international pharmacies to import safe, affordable prescription medications, and have done so for years.

The bottom line is that pharmacies accredited through organizations such as the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, Pharmacy Accreditation Services and Pharmacy Checker are the ‘real deal.’ They sell real brand-name prescription medications made by real manufacturers at prices that Americans can afford, instead of the exorbitant costs of prescription drugs in the U.S.

I am asking all Americans to contact their representatives on Capitol Hill and to urge them to vote NO on SOPA and to allow individuals to continue to purchase their drugs from legitimate pharmacies in Canada and other countries. The legislation would eliminate access to safe and affordable medications for hundreds of thousands of Americans who are dependent on medications from Canadian and other international pharmacies.”

Editor’s Note: Graczyk is available for media interviews to discuss the distinction between rogue and real Internet pharmacies and drug importation rights of Americans.

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