Stimulus bill includes data breach rules; FDA wants drugmakers to avoid distractions in DTC ads;

> While these provisions have gotten little publicity, it turns out that the stimulus act includes language requiring providers to notify patients if their data is compromised. FierceHealthIT

> The FDA has decided that it's not happy with the way drugmakers minimize the presentation of negative side effects in direct-to-consumer drug ads. It's now demanding that pharmas avoid images or sound effects that distract consumers. FiercePharma

> Johns Hopkins is investigating an incident in which a former employees seems to have stolen data as part of a scheme to make fraudulent Virginia driver's licenses. FierceHealthIT

> Both providers and vendors seem excited about the potential for wireless remote patient monitoring devices, according to a new report. FierceMobileHealthcare

And Finally... It's not quite Noah's Ark over there in southern California, but close. Article