Stimulus bill expands HIPAA rules; China denies role as haven for fake drugs;

> While a provision of the stimulus bill spells out new HIPAA rules, it's still not clear how much impact they're going to have, observers say. FierceHealthIT

> Has China become a haven for those who would sell fake drugs to U.S. citizens? Well, yes and no, if you believe officials there. FiercePharma

> Increasingly, hospitals are placing a big emphasis on integrating pharmacy systems with core clinical systems--and are favoring vendors who do a good job in helping them get that done. FierceHealthIT

> With the swine flu on everyone's mind, new attention is being focused on research into a universal flu vaccine that would protect against any and all strains that arise. FierceVaccines

And Finally... Usually, it's good if your business attracts buzz, but not in this case. Article