STARscanner, STARband Cranial Helmets Making a Difference in the Lives of Children

NEW YORK, April 30 /PRNewswire/ -- In many ways, Oliver Hernandez is like many other infants his age. But when mom Giselle Hernandez noticed her son's head becoming very flat on one side, she immediately sought medical attention. The diagnosis? Plagiocephaly.

Plagiocephaly is often caused by babies resting for prolonged periods in one position in an infant carrier or crib. Plagiocephaly may go away without intervention, but pediatricians often refer patients to cranial remolding orthoses specialists.

A specialist at ARIMED, Inc. first evaluated Oliver at seven months of age and fit him with Orthomerica's STARband cranial helmet, a custom-made plastic and foam helmet made for Oliver's unique head measurements. The helmet is worn 23 hours per day for several months, channeling head growth by applying gentle pressure on protruding areas while leaving room for growth in depressed areas.

"I made the decision to go through with this treatment, because I didn't want my son to grow up with a head that was not normal," said Hernandez. "We needed some help to fix the problem. It was a very easy process."

ARIMED uses the STARscanner, a revolutionary eye-safe laser system that allows for a child's head scan in under two seconds. Providing detailed measurements, it is faster and neater than plaster casting formerly used to obtain the same information. STARscanner measurements can be easily obtained before, during and after treatment to ensure the best helmet fit and optimal outcomes.

ARIMED is the first New York City location to offer the revolutionary STARscanner and STARband cranial headbands.

"This scanner is changing the way we treat patients," said ARIMED President Steven Mirones. "We're able to eliminate a lot of heartache for the parents and the child, while providing thorough, effective treatment solutions for families."


Founded in 1949 and based in New York City with offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island, ARIMED services orthopedic, rehabilitation and diabetic clinics throughout New York City and is a prosthetic and orthotics provider to numerous area medical institutions. Visit or call 718-875-8754 for more information.

About STARband

STARband is a custom-fabricated cranial remolding orthosis manufactured by Orthomerica Products, Inc. It can be either fabricated from 3-D head shape data, such as a scan from a STARscanner system or by taking a plaster impression. The headband is worn 23 hours a day, channeling head growth by applying constant, gentle contact on protruding areas while leaving room for growth in depressed areas. The interior is sometimes modified to allow for growth. Head shape problems are not life threatening and are correctable if treated by 18 months of age. STARband is the most prescribed cranial remolding orthosis in the world, with over 50,000 babies benefiting from STARband treatment since 2001.

About STARscanner

Following diagnosis, treatment formerly began by plaster casting of the head -- a 15-30 minute messy, and sometimes traumatic process. Orthomerica's STARscanner uses safe, non-contact laser scanning technology to obtain precise measurements in under two seconds and captures 3-D head shape data, accurate within 0.5 mm. Treatment is most effective when measurements are accurate and submitted promptly, enabling the helmet to be manufactured and fit in a timely period before the head shape changes further. For more information visit

SOURCE Orthomerica Products, Inc.