StarlingHealth and Incendant Partner to Deliver Targeted Patient Education and Engagement at the Bedside

NEW YORK, Oct. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- StarlingHealth, a technology firm creating next-generation systems for patient-provider communication and workflow management, has partnered with Incendant, an industry-leading provider of patient engagement videos. This partnership provides a seamless path to deliver Incendant's videos to patients using StarlingHealth's touchscreen, bedside communication platform.

"Patient engagement and education for inpatient populations is a space that has historically been addressed by either a one-size-fits-all approach with standardized materials that deliver the lowest common denominator, or Interactive Patient Care (IPC) systems with an enormous price tag and are not cost-effective for many settings," states Brian Yarnell, VP and General Manager of StarlingHealth. "The Starling platform, coupled with Incendant's patient engagement videos, fills an important need in the market by delivering a bedside communication platform that can deploy inexpensively and quickly in any type of facility and deliver highly targeted education and engagement materials directly at the point-of-care."

In addition to Starling's core functionality of multilingual nurse call and data-driven workflow management, users of the joint solution with Incendant will have personalized access to highly engaging videos that educate patients on specific conditions, diagnostics, procedures, and medications. Starling's intelligent provisioning system will connect directly to Incendant's content library and automatically assign and deliver the right content for each patient. 

"Incendant translates 'doctor talk' into video content that patients truly understand," states Tom Greidanus MD, CMO of Incendant. "For example a patient with a heart condition would review the 'Hospital Safety' video at admission. Later risk reduction videos like 'Quit Smoking' and 'Healthy Diet' are provided. The 'Stress Test' video helps patients understand diagnostic testing. And in preparation for discharge, a video about 'Hypertension' is shown."

About StarlingHealth
StarlingHealth, a subsidiary of Transcendent Endeavors, is a software provider focused on facilitating effective and efficient communication between patients and providers. Its NIH-funded platform, Starling®, is tackling two critical issues at the point of care—patient satisfaction and provider workflow in inpatient settings. For more information, visit

About Incendant
Incendant takes the complexities of health care and translates them into easy to understand visual media. Using mobile technology clinicians can better, and more easily, educate patients and families at the time of care and after via email.

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