Stamford Hospital Unveils New Tool from Xenex to Enhance Patient Safety

Hospital Zapping Deadly Superbugs & Germs with Xenex’s Bursts of Light

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Stamford Hospital is the first and only hospital in Connecticut to use innovative germ-zapping technology to further increase patient safety. The new portable uses pulsed xenon to deliver ultraviolet (UV) light throughout patient rooms to quickly destroy viruses, bacteria and bacterial spores, including a variety of the most dangerous and hard-to-kill such as Clostridium difficile spores MRSA, VRE and Acinetobacter. This technology is used in addition to the extensive cleaning services provided by the hospital’s Environmental Services team.

“We investigated several high level disinfection options and found that Xenex does a thorough job of quickly killing all major classes of microorganisms without contact or chemicals,” said Dr. Michael Parry, Director, Infectious Diseases and Microbiology at Stamford Hospital. “We have a strong infection prevention program in place, and the Xenex technology allows us to be even more proactive in protecting the health of our patients and staff.”

After the room has been thoroughly cleaned, the Environmental Services staff opens all drawers, blinds, curtains and exposes objects and high-touch areas where bacteria may be present to UV light. The Xenex technology is positioned in turn on each side of the bed and in the restroom, each round taking about five minutes to do the job. Other medical equipment that needs disinfecting can be placed in the room at the same time.

“Stamford Hospital is raising the bar for patient safety in Connecticut,” said , Chief Scientific Officer for Xenex. “They have embraced our room disinfection technology as part of their infection control solution to provide their patients with the safest experience possible. We are confident that our device is going to help them because hospitals around the U.S. are reporting fewer hospital-acquired infections after using our technology in their facilities.”

Stamford Hospital is a not-for-profit provider of comprehensive healthcare services in lower Fairfield County. The mission of Stamford Hospital is to provide, together with its physicians, a broad range of high quality health and wellness services focused on the needs of our communities. Stamford Hospital is affiliated with the New York Presbyterian Healthcare System and is a major teaching affiliate of the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. In addition, Stamford Hospital has been formally designated as a “Planetree Designated Patient-Centered Hospital.” For more information, visit .

Xenex’s patented pulsed xenon UV disinfection systems are utilized for the advanced cleaning of the patient environment in healthcare facilities. The Xenex system is the fastest, safest, most cost-effective, and most portable and user-friendly system available today among room disinfection technologies. Only Xenex uses pulsed xenon and contains no mercury. Headquartered in San Antonio, Xenex’s mission is to significantly reduce the number of HAIs that impact the health and lives of millions of patients and their families and become the new standard method for disinfection in healthcare facilities worldwide. For more information please visit .