Staff management: Find what motivates each individual at your practice

nurse with clipboard

Just like your patients, all of your staff members are not the same. And while it might be tempting to follow the golden rule in how you treat all staff members, that's a mistake, according to psychologist Catherine Hambley, Ph.D., in Physicians Practice.

Rather than treating each staff member as you would like to be treated yourself, the secret to successful interactions is to focus on how they want to be treated, writes Hambley. "In fact, the number one dynamic to consider is that the more you can understand about what is important to a person, the more effective you will be in your ability to impact and influence others," she says.

So get to know your staff members and what is important to them. Ask questions, such as what they find most rewarding or frustrating about their jobs. Then take advantage of their strengths. Perhaps you can have a staff member take on more of the responsibilities he or she finds rewarding, Hambley says.

Finally, she suggests that practice managers be aware of changes in staff members' behavior. It's possible something may have happened in the personal life of one of your employees. You can ask if there is anything you can do to help. Flexible hours or personal time might also be options, she says.

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