St. Anthony’s Medical Center Joins Missouri Health Connection

Third-largest medical center in St. Louis area connects to statewide network

St. Anthony’s Medical Center Joins Missouri Health Connection

Missouri Health Connection

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Missouri Health Connection (MHC) announced today that St. Anthony’s Medical Center in St. Louis is the newest participant in Missouri’s statewide health information network. With the addition of St. Anthony’s Medical Center, MHC further expands its establishment in the St. Louis area and throughout the state.

MHC’s network provides services to more than 45 percent of the inpatient care provided in Missouri, 62 hospitals and more than 350 clinics. The network enables more than 7,000 physicians to securely access the health information of their patients to improve care quality.

“We are proud to have partnered with Missouri Health Connection as an Early Adopter. This progressive thinking allows patients to be able to enter anywhere into our continuum of care while allowing our caregivers to have access to their information in order to make the best decisions possible for our patients. We are fully committed to providing excellent health care, and this is just one more step towards healthier outcomes by the use of cutting-edge technology,” said Jim Weldon, Chief Information Officer, St. Anthony's Medical Center.

“We welcome St. Anthony’s Medical Center to the statewide network and look forward to helping it provide the highest level of care to the St. Louis community, which St. Anthony’s has been doing since 1873,” said Mary Kasal, MHC’s President and CEO.“By participating in our statewide network, St. Anthony’s can take advantage of our technology foundation that electronically connects healthcare providers across Missouri and neighboring states to securely share health information, reduce costs, and earn incentive funding by meeting new federal regulatory requirements.”

MHC is Missouri’s state-designated entity tasked with creating and managing the infrastructure to connect healthcare providers in Missouri and neighboring states with their patients via a secure health information network. As more health care providers move from paper-based medical records to electronic health record (EHR) systems, MHC is working to make sure they can exchange information with each other through one secure network – regardless of the technology platforms that they are using. The connectivity services provided by MHC are designed to support all healthcare provider organizations, from the largest multi-hospital health system, to a solo physician practice.

Founded by the Franciscan Sisters in 1872, St. Anthony’s Medical Center includes 767 beds and more than 320 physicians serving the greater St. Louis area. St. Anthony’s offers advanced medical treatment in a number of specialties, including acute rehabilitation, maternity services, oncology and cancer care, orthopedics, neurology and stroke, surgery and emergency medicine. In addition to the hospital itself, St. Anthony’s operates four urgent-care centers and world-class heart and cancer treatment centers. For more information, visit .

MHC is Missouri’s state-designated entity implementing Missouri’s only secure, statewide health information network. Coordinating care, reducing preventable errors, and avoiding treatment duplication are among MHC’s primary goals. MHC’s network will improve patient care and help save lives in emergencies by securely delivering more complete and accurate information at the point of care, or wherever it is needed. MHC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and is governed by a public-private board of directors. For information, visit .