Spellex releases full specialty dictionary support for the Spellex Tablet PC Suite medical handwriting recognition tool.

NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 30, 2007 ............................. C O N T A C T Monica Roberts Spellex Corporation 813-792-7000 [email protected] www.spellex.com TAMPA, FL -- Spellex Corporation announces a new Tablet PC version with complete compatibility with their popular medical dictionary software. The new Tablet PC enhancement includes more than 370,000 medical words to enhance handwriting recognition and enhance spell checking capability. Benefits: The new Spellex Tablet PC Suite allows your Tablet PC to better recognize handwritten medical and pharmaceutical terms while greatly enhancing the Microsoft Office basic English spell checker. Hundreds of thousands of medical terms are instantly added to popular Tablet PC programs such as Microsoft Office, OneNote, Windows Journal, and many other handwriting enhanced applications. Comprehensive medical spell checking and increased handwriting vocabulary can be yours in one easy-to-use software suite! Medical: The enhanced Spellex Tablet PC Suite includes Spellex Medical 2007, which adds medical words from over 70 medical specialties. Spellex enhances your Tablet PC with medical and surgical terms, procedures, diseases, drug names, acronyms, eponyms, medical devices, abbreviations, Greek terms and diacritical markings such as Behçet's syndrome and Legg-Calvé-Waldenström disease. With the Spellex dictionaries installed, you can correctly recognize and spell thousands of critically important terms from medical, surgical, chemistry, and laboratory terminology. Pharmaceutical: For enhanced handwriting recognition and spelling, you can add Spellex Pharmaceutical 2007, which correctly spells thousands of OTC drugs and prescription pharmaceuticals, generic and trade name drugs, Latin and Greek terms, orphan drugs, pharmaceutical manufacturers, drug distributors, and more. The pharmaceutical speller includes comprehensive pharmacologic - therapeutic classifications covering anesthetics, anti-infective agents, antineoplastic agents, cardiovascular drugs, central nervous system agents, dental agents, diagnostic agents, enzymes, gastrointestinal drugs, oxytocics, serums and vaccines, vitamins, and more! Pricing for the Spellex Tablet PC Suite starts at $124.00. Multi-user licenses and educational discounts are available. The Spellex Tablet PC Suite is compatible with your favorite handwriting enhanced applications including Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Office, Windows Journal, Franklin-Covey Tablet Planner, Windows Tablet Input Panel, and many others. To order the Spellex Tablet PC Suite or to request product information or a free evaluation copy, visit the Spellex Web site at www.spellex.com or contact Spellex Corporation at 800-442-9673 or 813-792-7000. #####