Specialists On Call Launches Comprehensive Telepsychiatry Service for Louisiana Hospitals

Nation’s Leading Provider of Acute Clinical Telemedicine Services Delivers Psychiatrists Immediately to Louisiana Patients’ Bedside 24/7/365

Specialists On Call Launches Comprehensive Telepsychiatry Service for Louisiana Hospitals

Specialists On Call, Inc. (SOC), the leading provider of acute care telemedicine services, today announced that its ongoing expansion now includes delivering services for hospitals in the state of Louisiana.

Specialists On Call’s telepsychiatry service strengthens hospitals’ clinical capabilities and provides them with around-the-clock access to an elite team of board certified psychiatrists via telemedicine. SOC responds within one hour of initial contact and helps providers with consultations in their emergency department and inpatient psychiatric units as well as works with local staff on improving the care and treatment for the inpatient population dealing with co-occurring mental health conditions. SOC has provided several medical facilities throughout the state with services for a number of years, but their telepsychiatry service is a new offering for Louisiana hospitals and their mental health patients.

“We’ve had great success in Louisiana and we’re thrilled to expand our offering there to include telepsychiatry,” remarked Specialists On Call’s Telepsychiatry Medical Director, Dr. Alby Penalver. “Hospitals nationwide face a mental healthcare deficit as patient volume continues to increase. Louisiana is no different and now we offer a solution that delivers the best psychiatrists immediately to the hospitals that need excellent mental healthcare coverage.”

Specialists On Call currently provides telemedicine services to over 200 hospitals in 23 states. They deliver more than 2,500 emergency consultations each month and have overseen more than 55,000 emergency cases to date. Their reliability and performance has earned them both a leadership position within the telemedicine industry as well as the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval.

Joe Peterson, Specialists On Call’s CEO, added, “Telepsychiatry is another progressive clinical service that we’re proud to offer Louisiana hospitals. We’ve demonstrated cost savings, length of stay reductions, and improved outcomes elsewhere and we intend to do the same in Louisiana and be the choice for on-demand, in-hospital telepsychiatric services.”