South Broward Hospital District Breaks Its Own Record Once Again by Adopting the Lowest Millage Rate in Its History

<0> Rate of 0.4000 Provides Relief in Property Taxes with Tax Revenue Only Supporting the District’s Primary Care Clinics </0>

South Broward Hospital District Breaks Its Own Record Once Again by Adopting the Lowest Millage Rate in Its History

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The Board of Commissioners of the South Broward Hospital District voted on Wednesday to adopt the millage rate of 0.4000 – making this millage rate the smallest one ever adopted by the District.

The new rate of 0.4000 represents a 33.33 percent decrease from last year’s rate of 0.6000, yielding $15.5 million in total District tax receipts. Of these tax receipts, the District disburses $7.7 million to cover the required state funds for the Medicaid match program, as well as support community redevelopment agencies in several municipalities and pay for property appraiser fees. The remaining $7.8 million in net tax revenue collected from property taxes goes to support only the primary care clinics operated by the District for the uninsured residents of the District. The total net tax revenue represents only 0.5 percent of $1.56 billion in total budgeted net revenue for the District.

Since 2010/2011 fiscal year, the District has not used tax dollars to fund uncompensated care delivered in any of its hospitals. Uncompensated care provided by the District in fiscal year 2014 is projected to exceed $1 billion.

“Memorial’s successful strategic vision over the past few years and its strong financial position have paved the way for this historic trend to continue, while also supporting our mission of providing outstanding healthcare to the communities we serve,” said Frank V. Sacco, president and CEO, Memorial Healthcare System.

The Board of Commissioners commended Memorial’s executive team for its work in managing the healthcare system in a responsible financial manner.

“It’s quite the achievement for Memorial to maintain such a strong financial position, particularly during these challenging times in healthcare,” said Hobel Florido, chairman, South Broward Hospital District Board of Commissioners. “We are pleased to have the opportunity to pass on the savings to residents of the South Broward Hospital District.”

For homeowners, the commissioners’ vote helps to provide relief in property taxes. Here is one common example:

To appreciate the impact that the District has made in lowering its millage rate in the last decade, here is another example:

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