Sound business skills needed to build strong medical homes; Top-line revenue, liquidity critical indicators for nonprofits;

> "Physicians are ill-equipped business people," writes Hospital Impact blogger Anthony Cirillo. "And hospitals sometimes are no better prepared to run the practices they are gobbling up." In his latest post, Cirillo argues that this situation has to change in order to create stronger medical homes. Hospital Impact

> Moody's Investor Service in New York downgraded the not-for-profit hospital sector to negative from stable in November 2008--and nothing about either the current economic conditions or hospitals' prospects under health reform has inspired the rating service to change its mind, said Lisa Goldstein, senior vice president and healthcare team leader, speaking at last week's "2010 ANI: The Healthcare Finance Conference" in Las Vegas by the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA). FierceHealthFinance

> Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) is on the pharma warpath again. He has written 16 drugmakers, asking them to detail how they deal with whistleblowers who file complaints under the False Claims Act. He's also demanding to know whether they've made any changes since last year, when a law beefed up protections for whistleblowers. FiercePharma

And Finally... Apparently the "Duke of Germany" was a bit lost. Article