Sonitor Technologies Announces First Large Scale Installation of Sonitor Sense™ RTLS at Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand

Revolutionary Open Architecture RTLS Platform Deployed in World Class Hospital OR Department Integrating Operational Intelligence Solution from Intelligent InSites

<0> Sonitor Technologies Announces First Large Scale Installation of Sonitor Sense™ RTLSat Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand </0>

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, a leader in Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) in healthcare, today announced the first large scale installation of its revolutionary new Sonitor Sense™ RTLS platform in the OR department at in Bangkok, Thailand. The advanced, open architecture RTLS system will integrate with the real-time operational intelligence platform from .

The project is partly funded by , offering support to companies in developing their competitive advantage and to enhance innovation.

The first phase of the project focuses on tracking high-value equipment to improve utilization and drive efficiency.

The Sonitor Sense system utilizes a unique hybrid technology, combining ultrasound and 802.11 WiFi to achieve high positioning accuracy and low cost of ownership. The system is tightly integrated with a Motorola WiFi enterprise solution, delivering high quality, reliable positioning data with very low latency. Sonitor Sense tags are compliant with the IEEE 802.11 standard.

Sonitor Sense uniquely provides 100% room accuracy enabled by the use of ultrasound technology. In an OR RTLS installation, several areas within the department deploy sub-room positioning technology, allowing tags to be positioned with accuracy better than 1 meter. Latency refers to the observed delay between actual and reported position. In the Bumrungrad deployment, Sonitor Sense delivers accurate position reports with a latency of 1-2 seconds, a new record.

Combined with Intelligent InSites’ operational intelligence solution, Sonitor Sense offers a true revolution in operational visibility in healthcare.

Andrew Ingham, project manager for Bumrungrad International, commented that, “We’re extremely pleased with reliability and ease of deployment of the Sonitor Sense RTLS, which provides staff with unique visibility of important assets.”

Part of the system’s reliability and ease of maintenance rests on an upgradeable battery powered infrastructure guaranteeing a future-proof solution that is unrivalled.

“Our new Sonitor Sense platform is quickly proving itself as the RTLS solution of choice for partners and end users who seek the most advanced, reliable, and easy to deploy RTLS technology,” said Wilfred Booij, Chief Technology Officer of Sonitor Technologies. “Highly utile applications, like from Intelligent InSites can more easily than ever be deployed on our flexible, open architecture platform. As a company and an industry, we’re at the inflection point where the benefits of this technology are being realized in a significant way.”

Bumrungrad International Hospital is an internationally accredited, multi-specialty hospital located in Bangkok, Thailand. Founded in 1980, today it is the largest private hospital in Southeast Asia, with 554 beds and over 30 specialty centers. It offers state-or-the-art diagnostic, therapeutic and intensive care facilities in a one-stop medical center. Each year the hospital treats over 1.1 million patients from 190 countries, making it one of the most popular medical destinations in the world. For more information, visit .

Established in 1997 in response to the healthcare industry’s need to improve operations visibility. Sonitor Technologies’ tired resolution Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) with patented High Definition capabilities are specifically developed and designed for indoor positioning in complex environments. Sonitor is selected by world-class partners to build industry-leading solutions for global deployment. For more information, visit .

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