Solutions to Global Healthcare Crisis to be Proposed at Upcoming New York Forum

Panel of experts will debate how to halt the decline in healthcare facilities and the increase in costs

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Healthcare that has become unaffordable and systems that are broken are symptomatic of many countries around the world – and speakers at the upcoming New York Forum (June 20-21) will debate what, if anything, can be done to halt the decline.

Dave Whitlinger, Executive Director, New York eHealth Collaborative (Photo: Business Wire)

Dave Whitlinger, Executive Director, New York eHealth Collaborative (Photo: Business Wire)

One of the dialogues on the second day has been dedicated to discussing The Healthcare Dilemma, and NYF Chairman, Richard Attias, explained: “Rising healthcare costs and demand are a problem faced around the world. We will be looking at whether changes in technology can help alleviate the burden on the system, or whether we should be looking at alternative approaches to wellness to help drive a more preventative course.”

Leading the on-stage debate will be: Raja Rajamannar, Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer, Humana; William Haseltine, President, William A. Haseltine Foundation for Medical Sciences and the Arts; David Whitlinger, Executive Director, New York eHealth Collaborative; and Fabrice Harari, President, Negma Laboratories.

“In today’s healthcare world of rising costs and inadequate outcomes, it is critical to incorporate technology and innovation to make a meaningful difference in improving people’s health and well-being,” said Raja Rajamannar, chief innovation and marketing officer for Humana, which is also one of the sponsors for the two-day conference.

Rajamannar continues, “Humana is encouraged that the New York Forum understands this need and is bringing together world-class experts for a solution-focused discussion on how to incorporate technology and well-being in addressing today’s health care challenges.”

Meanwhile, Whitlinger explains that technology is playing an increasingly important role in improving healthcare and reducing costs, saying, “As the medical profession moves from paper records to electronic records, there are enormous benefits for both patients and providers. Electronic health records (EHRs) foster collaborative care by making it possible for physicians from different specialties to share patient information electronically and act as a team for the benefit of an individual patient.”

Whitlinger adds,“EHRs make office workflow more efficient for practices and eliminate the need to have storage areas for paper records. In addition, having access electronically to patient information means fewer redundant tests and procedures, fewer prescription and diagnosis errors, and more patient engagement in their own healthcare.”

The second New York Forum will bring together the main global players from the private sector and the actionable outcomes from the conference will be presented to the G20 Summit in Cannes in November.

Confirmed as speakers at the NYF are: Nobel prize-winning economist Edmund Phelps; New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman; James Turley, CEO, Ernst & Young; Hans-Paul Bürkner, President and CEO, The Boston Consulting Group; Laura Tyson, Professor, Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley; Tom Glocer, CEO, Thomson Reuters; Duncan Niederauer, CEO, NYSE EURONEXT; and Bonin Bough, Global Head of Digital, PepsiCo.

The New York Forum will look at the role of entrepreneurship in driving economic change, the complicated relationship between business and government, the perspective a new generation of leaders is bringing to business and the dynamics of two of the world's thriving economic powers, Brazil and China.

Photos provided: Richard Attias, Raja Rajamannar and David Whitlinger.

About the New York Forum:

The New York Forum will bring together business leaders, sovereign fund managers, policymakers and Nobel prize-winning economists to craft innovative ideas addressing current challenges facing the global economy.

CEOs, investors, and policy makers will participate in intensive taskforces led by The Boston Consulting Group to explore the tangible challenges and opportunities associated with specific trends in the current environment.

The Forum aims to create an environment in which leaders from different sectors can collaborate with industry experts to begin the process of reinventing business and creating a new paradigm for growth.

About Richard Attias & Associates:

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He is also the Chairman of Columbia University’s Center on Capitalism and Society; formed in 2002 to study the workings of well-functioning modern economies, understand how these economies got their dynamism, and how this dynamism impacts employment, among other topics.

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Richard Attias, Executive Chairman, Richard Attias & Associates (Photo: Business Wire)
Dave Whitlinger, Executive Director, New York eHealth Collaborative (Photo: Business Wire)
Raja Rajamannar, Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer, Humana (Photo: Business Wire)