Software helps doctors deterine patient charges immediately; Tele-visits with physicians growing more common;

> Increasingly, doctors are using software (primarily provided by health plans) which allows them to calculate far more precisely what a patient's financial responsibility for their visit is going to be. FierceHealthFinance

> Patients are increasingly being offered ways to communicate with doctors through phone, Web chat and videoconferencing to address small personal issues. FierceHealthIT

> While the recession is still a huge strain on hospitals, some are doing just fine--once against underscoring the healthcare is a largely a local business. Hospital Impact

> Most consumers these days are riled up over high financial industry salaries, but how would they feel about the $36 million top managers at Merck snagged in 2008? FiercePharma

And Finally... There's a reason people don't wrestle with kangaroos for fun. Article