Softheon Exchange Connector conforms solicitation for Qualified Health Plans (QHP) by the California Health Benefit Exchange

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Sept. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- California Health Benefit Exchange (HBEX) has issued a notice to solicit comments from health plans that wish to be among the plans to be offered in California through the Exchange next year.  California HBEX has been developing standardized benefit plan designs and is requesting comments on Draft Qualified Health Plan (QHP) Solicitation to be submitted to the Exchange by October 4, 2012. QHP bidders must respond electronically via a secure website portal to the final QHP solicitation.  

California HBEX QHPs will incorporate the significant aspects of PPACA which includes consumer-focused, affordability, catalyst, transparency, and integrity.  For health plan issuers who are competing for the opportunity in the California plan market, making a wise selection on technology is extremely critical for them to better develop and maintain relationships with the Exchange and their consumers.

As the State of California and other states are preparing to get ready for January 1, 2014 deadline, health plan issuers would greatly benefit from a QHP management solution. Softheon's cloud based exchange-focused solution, Softheon Exchange ConnectorTM, reduces fragmentation in data delivery, addresses significant issues in administrative overhead and redundant information collection to help insurers better comply with QHP management for individual and small group enrollment requirements.  Moreover, using the Softheon Exchange Connector, issuers do not need to make costly, time-consuming adjustments to current tools so they could be able to meet the tight deadline and deliver a competitive Qualified Health Plan. 

For QHP certification related processes, Softheon Exchange Connector acts as the intermediary between the state exchanges, SERFF, and plan issuers to generate laws and perform identified plan management processes required to support PPACA compliance.  It supports the interface between health plans, SERFF, and applications involved in the Exchange operations while providing a single interaction point for issuers to submit plans for certification, renewals and other plan monitoring activities.

Softheon Exchange ConnectorTM provides:

  • Cloud based web user interfaces for QHP case management and exception handling workflows
  • Compliance with state specific DOI and exchange certification rules
  • Centralized plan data repository
  • Interfaces for real-time plan data exchange using SERFF, SOAP XML Web Services, and other preferred protocols
  • Real-time reporting and audit trail for federal and state compliance

About Softheon 
Softheon, an emerging leader in next generation healthcare business process optimization, enables payer, provider, and government organizations to measurably reduce administrative cost, improve member and provider satisfaction, generate new revenue opportunities, and comply with regulatory statutes by adopting best business practices. The company does this mainly via its Softheon Exchange Connectorâ„¢ platform which serves as an intermediary between Carriers and Insurance Exchanges.  Softheon is one of only two technology providers with operational experience in designing, implementing and supporting the nation's first state exchange, the Health Connector, in Massachusetts.

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