SocialToaster Amplifies Baltimore Child Abuse Center (BCAC)'s Efforts to Increase Social Sharing and Secures Votes Needed to Win Liberty Mutual Insurance's Like My Baltimore Campaign

Baltimore's child advocacy center promotes nomination and opportunity to receive $30,000 through hot new software to continue its mission to ensure that any child who is a victim of sexual abuse has a voice that is heard

BALTIMORE, July 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- SocialToaster, the new innovative software company that creates fan advocacy programs to increase social sharing on social networking sites, announced the launch of Baltimore Child Abuse Center's Advocacy Program. The program is designed to help the Baltimore Child Abuse Center (BCAC) promote their participation in the Liberty Mutual Insurance's Like My Baltimore Project, a program designed to honor the people and organizations that are doing the right thing all over Baltimore.

BCAC is using SocialToaster to amplify their message and to engage with more fans, to secure 'Like' votes on Facebook and mobile text votes for the opportunity to receive $30,000. The Liberty Mutual Insurance's Like My Baltimore Campaign runs through August 20. Voters can vote DAILY on Facebook at and can cast a vote by texting daily LMBAL1 to 61698.

For over 25 years, BCAC has provided a gateway for hope, justice and solutions for victims, families, and professionals fighting sexual child abuse. BCAC focuses on intervention when abuse is reported, treatment to aid in the healing of survivors and their families, education around recognizing, preventing, and reporting suspicions of abuse, and advocacy at the local, state and national levels.

"Having children who are safe from sexual child abuse doesn't happen easily," states Executive Director Adam Rosenberg, "We are honored to be nominated to participate in Liberty Mutual Insurance's Like My Baltimore Campaign."

Rosenberg continued, "In a post Penn-State era, we have engaged with SocialToaster to amplify our social media efforts, increase our reach and share rate to win votes and increase our chances of receiving the $30,000, in order for BCAC to continue to provide high-quality services to our community and make sure that any child who is experiencing sexual abuse has a voice, is heard and receives the justice and resources he/she deserves."

"Child abuse is unfortunately a big issue in the Baltimore region and SocialToaster is aware of the successes and milestones BCAC has achieved in the past year alone in regards to their mission and this local issue. We feel very strongly about supporting BCAC in their efforts to educate the region and to ensure that BCAC continues to receive the necessary funds for them to continue their mission to provide readily available resources for children who are victims of sexual abuse," said Brian Razzaque, CEO of SocialToaster.

"SocialToaster has a footprint in working with non-profits and charitable organizations and is well-educated on the challenges they face both from a fundraising and monetary stand point as well as engaging with current and new supporters. We have crafted a customizable solution for this market in order to create campaigns that will resonate with their fans, truly increase their social sharing rate and engage with fans on a different level," Razzaque concluded.

About Baltimore Child Abuse Center              

Baltimore Child Abuse Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides all reported victims of child sexual abuse in Baltimore City and their non-offending caretakers with comprehensive interviews, medical treatment, and crisis counseling services. Baltimore Child Abuse Center is the oldest children's advocacy center in Maryland and served close to 1,000 children in 2010.  For more information, visit:

About SocialToaster

SocialToaster, a new, innovative software company based in Baltimore, Maryland provides a simple way to amplify the reach of messages on social networking sites by making content sharing fun and easy. SocialToaster mobilizes Super Fans of media and entertainment brands, sports teams, and other major brands to increase fan engagement, drive website traffic, and strengthen brand loyalty. As an alternative to traditional advertising, SocialToaster helps clients monetize the social channel by increasing the visibility of posts and maximizing their potential reach in a repeatable, measurable way. Unlike its competitors, SocialToaster empowers Super Fans to push controlled content directly to their peers. To learn more about SocialToaster, visit

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