Social Media Gives New Voice to Epilepsy Community Online

Team Epilepsy, the largest epilepsy community on Facebook, has nearly 45,000 members and is still growing

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Team Epilepsy is now the largest epilepsy community on Facebook, bringing together nearly 45,000 people worldwide to interact about the condition online.

Launched in January 2011 by MediciGlobal, a specialty patient engagement and retention firm, Team Epilepsy began as part of an integrated initiative to provide support and raise awareness about a clinical trial for partial onset seizures. Less than a year later, the Facebook page has expanded to have more than 1,400 patients, caregivers, family and friends actively engaged (indicated as "talking about this") through discussions, contests and polls and sharing information and resources relevant to epilepsy. As of this morning, the page had 44,788 members (indicated as "like this" on Facebook).

The growing popularity of Team Epilepsy shows how social networking has helped combine online and offline techniques to engage with people about their health condition in a timely and cost-effective way. "Establishing health communities is something that has rarely been done in the pharmaceutical and clinical trial industry, but joining the social world and connecting with people on a personal level is a trend we expect to see a ripple through the industry," said Nick Halkitis, VP of Online Marketing and Digital Strategies with MediciGlobal.

By joining forces with leaders in the epilepsy community, such as the Epilepsy Foundation of America (EFA) and its affiliates, the initiative has supported fundraising events both promotionally and financially to support the epilepsy community and spread awareness of the need for clinical research.

Through its Facebook page, Team Epilepsy also recently launched a Purple Pride competition, encouraging members to vote for their favorite Purple Pride Creative Expression, created by fellow members of the Team Epilepsy Community.  As a result of its popularity, a position has been opened for a member of the epilepsy community to join the Team Epilepsy team as an affiliate to help post discussions and update information on the Team Epilepsy page.

"I just found this page and will be following it often," said one supporter of the Team Epilepsy page.  "My father passed away from severe epilepsy a little over a year ago.  I have always wanted to do something to support anything with epilepsy.  Great support page!"

In statistics released by Facebook at its Summit in Ireland last February, MediciGlobal was recognized as one of Facebook's most strategic clients in Europe.

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