Smartphone growth heralds new phase of health IT adoption; Flood of physicians running for Congress this November;

> The economy may have stumbled for the past couple of years, but the market for smartphones did not. Consumer ownership of smartphones soared from 15 percent in October 2006 to 42 percent in December 2009, according to ChangeWave Research. And some two-thirds of physicians were using smartphones in 2009, despite the fact that only 6 percent had fully functional EMR systems. FierceMobileHealthcare

> Forty-seven physicians are set to run for either the U.S. House or Senate this November, nearly three times the number of physicians currently serving in Congress, reports USA Today. According to the newspaper, a Gallup Poll taken last month found that 77 percent of Americans trust doctors' decisions with regards to health policy. Currently, 16 doctors serve in Congress. Article

> The interim final rule implementing the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) of 2008 went into effect April 5, but insurers aren't stopping at ensuring pricing parity for mental health and substance abuse benefits for large-group health plan enrollees. Insurers also are implementing tools to ensure that all plan members have adequate access to treatment for mental health services. FierceHealthPayer

And Finally... Next thing you know, Fergie is going to want to be the lead singer of a band. Wait, what? Article