Six Hospitals Save More Than $50 Million

Care Logistics’ Solution Helps Hospitals Increase Margins, Capacity and Quality

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Care Logistics announced today that its Hospital Operating SystemTM Solution has helped its partner hospitals save more than $50 million since the implementation of the first system 2 years ago. Developed to improve operational performance, the Hospital Operating System has helped hospitals achieve dramatic savings, while supporting improved quality of care and significant increases in bed capacity.

“Reaching $50 million in savings is impressive, but it is just a snap shot of six hospitals that all installed the Hospital Operating System Solution at different times,” said Karl Straub, President of Care Logistics. “I expect that when we have two full years of data on each of the first six hospitals, we will have helped these partners save in excess of $100 million.”

Although the first hospital began its performance improvement two years ago, the other hospitals did not complete their installations until late 2010. Despite this relatively short timeframe, all six of the hospitals are experiencing sustainable, repeatable efficiencies. Through a new approach to process improvement, focusing on the combination of human processes and technology, the Hospital Operating System helps providers develop the system-wide mindset needed to achieve total hospital efficiency. Care Logistics works with partners to help them create a culture of efficiency, design a new care coordination model, implement enterprise logistics software and establish real-time operational performance management.

“If you examine the results from Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center, the hospital where we have had a complete installation for two years, you will see the true value our Hospital Operating System Solution can deliver,” said Straub. “The total economic value to St. Vincent’s alone has been in excess of $38 million.”

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center is a 500+ bed hospital located in Toledo, Ohio, which has won a Solutient Top 100 hospital designation and earned a JD Power & Associates top performer award in recent years. In the two years since the implementation of Care Logistics’ Hospital Operating System, Mercy St. Vincent reduced its adult acute Average Length of Stay (ALOS) from 5.1 to 3.8 days. The ALOS improvements saved 10,400 days annually, which gave the hospital the ability to care for 2,260 more admissions with no additional capital or fixed costs. Their success with Care Logistics’ Hospital Operating System has led to its adoption in other Mercy Hospitals run by Catholic Health Partners.

The improvements in efficiency, quality, and capacity achieved by Care Logistics’ Hospital Operating System are foundational to helping hospitals compete in the post-reform health care environment. By achieving total hospital efficiency, Care Logistics is able to help hospitals maximize the benefits of their investment; lower care costs; and, increase capacity to handle the millions of patients who will be newly empowered with insurance.

“Because we use a technology solution to lock in our efficiency gains, these savings are repeated year after year. The costs are squeezed from the system permanently,” said Straub. “Imagine what can be achieved if every hospital throughout the country achieved total hospital efficiency. The results would go a long way to establishing the consistent delivery of high quality, low cost care.”

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