Seniors travel to Mexico for affordable dental care; Ebola survivors face chronic health conditions;

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> With the cost of dental care increasing at a rate of five percent annually, many seniors travel to a small border town in Mexico to see dentists who speak English, sometimes accept U.S. insurance and offer rock-bottom prices, the Daily Herald reports. Article

> Ebola survivors face severe symptomatic after-effects, posing challenges for clinicians working in the three countries most affected by the outbreak, according to MedPage Today. Article

> To improve access to pediatric care with a statewide system of services, Arkansas Children's Hospital plans to build a new hospital campus in Springdale, 5News reported. Article

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> Telemedicine is a valuable tool for treating children with special healthcare needs as well children in regular childcare and school, according to research published in the August edition of Telemedicine and e-Health. Article

> Sepsis is one of the leading causes of deaths in U.S. hospitals, and researchers are turning to health technology in an effort to detect risk for the condition sooner. Article

And Finally… That food'll kill you. Article