MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - December 8, 2009 -- Evincii, a Silicon Valley based innovator in search technology, today announced a roadmap to deliver a new line of mobile applications for the health-and-wellness market.  Trading under the new brand name PICKKA, the applications are designed to help consumers make better buying decisions on products related to health, wellness and well-being.  The first application, PICKKA Med, gives consumers a fun-and-easy tool for selecting the right products for specific symptoms, based on age, illness, and allergy conditions, with just a few clicks on their iPhones.  PICKKA is available today, free of charge, at  App Store at for iPhone and at for all BlackBerry and Android phones.   

Tapping a broad range of technologies and features never before seen on smart phones -- for example, Evincii's patent-pending "expert guided search" technology and comprehensive knowledge base -- PICKKA Med provides the discriminating consumer with a "pharmacist in your pocket" to better navigate the increasingly complex world of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines.  Recommendations are based on strict, FDA-approved, pharmacologically correct symptom-based treatments that have been reviewed by a board of certified pharmacists. Virtually all national-brand OTC products sold in the U.S. are included in the PICKKA Med knowledge base. 

"We're bringing a sophisticated search technology to the broad market of consumers who increasingly rely on mobile devices to make buying decisions," said Charlie Koo, founder and CEO of Evincii.  "What's been missing is an ‘expert in your pocket' that can guide you in finding and picking the right product from numerous choices for your health-and-wellness concerns just as a pharmacist might do.  The positive feedback from early users of PICKKA Med validates that PICKKA could be the killer app for a large and developing community of discriminating consumers." 

In earlier deployments of the technology, Evincii provided consumer access to expert recommendations via in-store kiosks at hundreds of retail stores for more than three million users.  Based on two independent studies interviewing 1700 consumers who used the system, 91 percent said that they were confident in the product recommendations, also indicating that it made shopping for OTC medicines easier. The new deployment over iPhone, BlackBerry, Android phones and other mobile devices brings the technology to a far broader market. 

"It's a quantum leap to deploy this technology on mobile devices," said Dr. Pehong Chen, an Evincii board member and president and CEO of BroadVision.  "It unleashes a well-received search tool to a much broader consumer base instantly."  

PICKKA Med is just the first of several innovative mobile apps that Evincii will launch for the health-and-wellness market.  The company will soon announce applications for food, vitamins, supplements and skin care.  

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About Evincii 

Evincii is a Silicon Valley-based innovator in consumer-facing search technology for health, wellness, and well-being.  The company's new suite of mobile applications, trading under the brand PICKKA, enables consumers to make better shopping decisions in these crucial and complex categories.  The first application, PICKKA Med, gives consumers a fun-and-easy tool for selecting the right products for specific symptoms and any medical conditions with just a few simple clicks on their iPhones.   For more information, visit