SCIOinspire Launches Just InTime Wellness App on the BENEFITFOCUS Platform

CHARLESTON, S.C., March 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Benefitfocus and SCIOinspire today announced the launch of the Just InTime Wellness® App, which is now available through the BENEFITFOCUS® Platform. The App, developed by SCIOinspire, sends personalized, proactive alerts to plan members when preventive services are recommended or a "gap-in-care" is identified by analyzing individual plan member healthcare data. This innovative solution combines industry-leading health and benefits management technologies to help organizations reach wellness goals, increase member engagement, improve patient outcomes and decrease overall health costs.

By turning on the Just InTime Wellness App, employers enable the health alerts, known as "My Wellness Alerts" and custom recommendations to be delivered to employees confidentially through the BENEFITFOCUS® HR InTouch portal. Upon logging in to the secure portal, members see My Wellness Alerts displayed prominently on the home page.  By clicking on the alert logo, they are taken to a personalized and confidential portal.  My Wellness Alerts are based on unique health data and focus only on the relevant issues pertaining to that individual. Employees are able to choose how they prefer to be notified when they have an alert; through text message, e-mail, telephone or mail.

"The Just InTime Wellness App is helping our organization make the most of our care management and wellness initiatives and create an ongoing culture of health," said Janis DiMonaco, President of HMC Companies. "It is a cost-effective way to provide members with the decision support tools and information they need, exactly when they need it."

The Just InTime Wellness App enhances member engagement and improves the effectiveness of the existing HR InTouch communication infrastructure. The App's powerful predictive modeling algorithms proactively monitor member health and identify members for gaps in care interventions, wellness and lifestyle-related communications.

"Successful engagement requires accurate and timely identification of members," said Dave Hom, President of Member Engagement and Care Management Services for SCIOinspire. "The delivery of wellness alerts through the HR InTouch portal allows employers across the country to enhance member engagement and take their wellness programs to the next level."

"The Just InTime Wellness App is the first of many apps that allow others to provide products, software, content and tools to Benefitfocus Platform users. We continue to invest in the extensibility of the Benefitfocus Platform, enabling companies like SCIOinspire to leverage their existing technology investments and make them available to Benefitfocus users," shared Don Taylor, Chief Technology Officer for Benefitfocus.

About SCIOinspire

SCIOinspire is the nation's leading independent provider of cost-containment and quality-improvement solutions for healthcare payers and providers. With an extensive roster of clients that serve more than 30 million patients and plan members, SCIOinspire provides results-driven care analytics and data mining, member engagement and care effectiveness, payment integrity and audit programs, and business process optimization solutions to reduce administrative costs, eliminate payment errors, increase member engagement and measurably improve outcomes and quality. With expertise spanning clinical and administrative operations, SCIOinspire offers a unique combination of software and services to help healthcare organizations positively impact Administrative Loss Ratios (ALR) and Medical Loss Ratios (MLR). Drawing upon an expert and experienced team of clinical, actuarial, legal and analytical resources, SCIOinspire offers a global service delivery model, with multiple delivery centers in the U.S. and India. To learn more about SCIOinspire, please visit

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Benefitfocus is the largest healthcare and voluntary benefits software provider in the U.S. with 11,901,655 consumers, 302,605 employers, 59,278 brokers and 3,123 carrier representatives live on the BENEFITFOCUS® Platform. Benefitfocus offers a single Web-based platform for benefit shopping, enrollment, management and industry-standard data exchange. Benefitfocus - All Your Benefits. One Place., Inc.


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