San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital Acquires State-of-the-Art Digital Radiology & Mammography

BANNING, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital (SGMH) has just installed new state-of-the-art radiology equipment that will bring the hospital’s imaging services into the digital age. The new technology includes digital mammography and radiology, and offers significant benefits for both patients and the hospital.

Tung V. Huynh, M.D., Associate Radiologist, with San Gorgonio's new digital radiology equipment. (Ph ...

Tung V. Huynh, M.D., Associate Radiologist, with San Gorgonio's new digital radiology equipment. (Photo: Business Wire)

“Digital mammography allows radiologists to spot abnormalities that may otherwise not be detected by the naked eye, providing diagnostic accuracy that is two to three times higher than analog magnification,” notes Ranilo Blasco, Director of Diagnostic Imaging. “The accessibility of digital images, which can be sent over the internet within minutes, also means that women can get into treatment four to five times faster, since we don’t have to wait for conventional films to be read.” Because of the acquisition of this new technology, women will no longer have to travel outside of the area to have digital mammograms.

The immediate ability of radiologists to read digital x-rays will benefit other patients as well, speeding their diagnosis and treatment. “The new technology digitizes what otherwise would be put on film,” states Mark Turner, Chief Executive Officer. “Using the new format to capture images, we can transmit x-rays and other images via the internet to anywhere in the world. That enables a consultation with radiologists who may not be onsite with the patient at the time an image needs to be interpreted.” Another advantage of digital radiology, because of computer enhancements, is a significant reduction in operator repeat rates for x-rays that need to be re-taken, resulting in less overall exposure.

The new digital format also offers significant cost savings for the hospital. “We have to store images for several years after they are taken, so that means we had to maintain a lot of storage space for these images in the past,” Turner notes. “Digital images take up a lot less space, and are also easier to locate than films.” In addition to space, the hospital will save on processing costs such as the expense of film and chemicals to develop the images. The new system is also better for the environment because the hospital no longer needs to store those chemicals, which are considered hazardous materials.

Funding for the new equipment was made available through a grant from the Federal stimulus package enacted by Congress two years ago. SGMH actively pursued the funding from the Federal Government.

SGMH is a full service hospital offering emergency care, obstetrics, surgical services, physical therapy and cardiac rehabilitation. It is located at 600 N. Highland Springs Avenue in Banning. For more information, call (951) 845-1121 or log onto

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Tung V. Huynh, M.D., Associate Radiologist, with San Gorgonio's new digital radiology equipment. (Photo: Business Wire)