Rural Oklahoma hospital will end emergency, inpatient services; Momentum grows to dump Virginia's Certificate of Need law;

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> Facing increased costs and low inpatient volume, Memorial Hospital in Frederick, Oklahoma, will end emergency and inpatient services next year, according to the Lawton Constitution. Article

> A group of Virginia lawmakers seeks to overturn the state's Certificate of Need law, according to Virginia Watchdog. Article

> A lack of mental health resources has increasingly left Brockton, Massachusetts, hospitals to board people who need, but cannot access, behavioral health treatment, according to Enterprise News. Article

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> Physicians are increasingly encouraged, if not required, to engage in end-of-life talks with their patients. As a result, tools and resources to help facilitate these conversations are beginning to emerge, according to an article from The Sacramento Bee. Article

> Secure email provides an efficient and effective channel for communication between healthcare providers and their patients. A new survey from Kaiser Permanente shows it can also improve the overall health of individuals with chronic conditions. Article

And Finally… Can't be too careful. Article